Finding A Niche and Sales Channel For Your Woodworking Business

Finding A Niche and Sales Channel For Your Woodworking Business

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If you are just starting a new business, or bringing your current woodworking business online for the first time, you’ll need to do some homework.  With the many different channels available to online woodworking businesses, you’ll need to find a way to set yourself apart from the rest.

We put together just a couple things to think about while getting started.

1. Finding Your Niche With Your Woodworking Business

Woodworking is a very broad subject. You need to identify your own specific niche if you want to be successful.  You need to specialize so that you can market your products to the correct demographic. For example, if you build candleholders, they will be marketed to a different segment than those looking for bed frames. If you build wooden toys, you won’t be selling them to the same people who are in the market for a fence.

In finding your own niche, you might first identify areas that are not being covered or serviced by other businesses. For example, if you are planning on building garden benches, you need to make sure you are marketing to an area where people do a lot of gardening. Then, you can scope out your competition and find out if there are already a lot of other companies who are marketing garden benches.  It is always useful to identify an area of need that is not being filled by another company.

Having your own niche will make it much easier for you to advertise online. Employing good SEO will allow you to get found for keyword turns that your customers are searching for online. If you are building birdhouses, you can then employee SEO techniques with your website that will bring the correct clients to your website. People searching for a birdhouse are not in the market for a coffee table, which is why it is important to specialize in your own niche. If you don’t, customers will be coming to your website but not purchasing anything because they are not going to find the specific item they are looking for.

Having your own niche allows you to focus your business.  It will allow you to fine tune your business plan, which will affect your advertising, what tools you buy and employee, how you ship items, etc.  Every project is different and knowing what direction your business is moving, will allow you to be more sufficient and thus more successful, which will make your business more rewarding.

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2. Creating a Sales Channel For Your Woodworking Business

As is the case with any business, your woodworking business will require you to utilize the best marketing strategies available if you want to be successful. You will need to employ both online and offline strategies in order to maximize your business’s potential.

Offline marketing strategies have been around for quite some time now and may or may not affect your woodworking niche. Regardless, you need to look into them to determine if they can be effective for you. For example, advertising in a newspaper may not increase your business much, if at all, but going to local trade shows and displaying your woodworking at arts and crafts shows or farmers markets might be something the results in a lot of sales. It is smart to look into what is available in your area and determine if it is advantageous to your niche or not.

Online marketing is easy to take advantage of in this day and age. Effectively using the internet and it’s vast array of tools can allow your business to succeed faster and on a greater scale than would otherwise be possible.  Setting up a blog is a great way to connect with potential customers. Visting forums about your specific subject is another great way to get word of your product out there. Social networking is a crucial tool for your business and a way that you can get pictures and information about the products you are building to people that would have otherwise never heard about you. A good website is also essential to your business’s success. All of these online tools will work hand in hand to increase your business potential.

Good marketing will insure that you get the customers that you want, but also want your product. Offline and online strategies will combine to give your business the best chance of success and no stone should be left unturned when it comes to finding proper marketing strategies to fit your woodworking niche.  Many of these are free, they will just require your spending the time to implement them into your business.

We could go into great detail on both of these topics, but it can easily get overwhelming.  Take notes and take your time to make sure and do it right.

Good luck!

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