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Profitable Woodworking Products

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You may have decided to take your hobby of woodworking to the next level and turn it into a business venture. It is important to understand that different products will have different markets. This will allow you to market to the correct people who want to buy your woodworking.  For example, you would not be able to make much money if you produced garden benches in an area where the climate doesn’t allow people to do much gardening. If you produce children’s toys, you will obviously want to market to parents who will be buying toys for their children.  You want to fill a niche with your products so it is important to find the right projects to build, that will result in a demographic who will want to buy them.

  • Furniture is something that everyone needs. Whether you make smaller pieces like coffee tables or larger items like bed frames, you will be able to find a target audience for you products. Everybody has a home and has furniture in it. Find what pieces you enjoy building and that you are good at, and then specialize in that niche.
  • Wooden toys are always a great market. There are many, many items that you can build that parents love to buy for their children because wooden toys are much more personal and more of a ‘keepsake’ that some plastic toy that comes from China. You can never go wrong with children’s toys, as good, simple, toys are always in demand.
  • Rather than building something for inside the home, many woodworkers build custom fences. There is a wide variety of fencing that you can produce that will allow your customers to add a unique look to their yard. Specializing in fencing is a great way to allow you to provide your clients with a way to customize their home.
  • Wooden watches have been all the rage in 2017.  This is a more advanced project but as the buying public is showing, they are hungry for this product.  It would be well worthwhile to check out a few projects and build your own wooden watches cheap.  This fad is not going away soon.

Why are wood watches so appealing?

Wooden accessories have become a classy alternative to metal and plastics. Everything from bamboo to hardwoods like oak and rosewood are being using in items such as eyewear to belt buckles. Sitting atop this trend to natural, wooden products is the wooden watch.

One of the most appealing aspects to wooden watches is that they are eco-friendly. They are, of course, beautiful and appealing, but they are environmentally friendly as well. The material for nearly all wooden watches comes from sustainable forests that have had the trees harvested responsibly. This means that a new tree is planted for each one that is cut down. It doesn’t get much ‘greener’ than wearing a wooden watch and the sustainability of the wood is a key element to it’s popularity.  Craftsman around the world are creating unique statements by incorporating wood into watch designs.

Wooden watches are not heat sensitive.  Since wood is not affect by temperature change, your wooden watch will not heat up when exposed to heat. Not only that, a wooden watch will always be lighter on your wrist than a metal watch would be. Wood has a totally different feel when you are wearing it, as opposed to a plastic or metal watch and many people just feel more in touch with nature when they have a time piece made of wood.

Watches are a fashion accessory that people will probably never stop wearing, even as other accessories come and go. Celebrities everywhere make a fashion statement by wearing various watches and wooden watches are as unique as it gets. Because the grain and figuring  of the wood is different in each and every watch, no two are exactly alike, even if they were cut from the same tree. Wood watches not only look classy, but often times are quite affordable as well.

Wood will also change as it ages. The color will evolve over time as the wood ages. Whereas metal will wear down and plastic cracks as it ages, wood actually looks better as time goes on. The longer you wear a wooden watch, the better it looks and the oils from your skin will tend to naturally ‘customize’ the watch to it’s owner.

A watch is a practical accessory in that you use it to tell time. But a watch also makes a statement about who you are. Wooden watches are not only in tune with nature, but provide an excellent sense of fashion. If you are in the market for a new watch, why not consider making a unique fashion statement while you are at it?

Wooden watches are renewable, environmentally sustainable and economical. When you wear a wooden watch you are wearing a unique work of art that is personalized and customize to you. Some people will even source their own wood and have a craftsman incorporate the wood into a watch, giving them not only a one of a kind look, but also an heirloom that has sentimental value as well. There are many reasons to wear a wooden watch and you can find the one that fits your personality and style.

Our conclusion;

If you want an advanced woodworking project, we suggest trying the number of wooden watch plans out there.

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